Craig Hollabaugh, Ph.D.

16207 6740 Road, Montrose, CO 81401, (970) 316-3165 ,

Career Summary

As a technical liaison, Dr. Hollabaugh assists high-level management, marketing managers and engineering staff during their product conceptualization stages. With 25+ years experience, he provides product feasibility assessment and design guidance through technology evaluation, market research, customer requirements, internal development resources, and production capabilities using his comprehensive product design and software development expertise.

Craig has extensive experience in embedded Linux, system architecture development, network design, wireless communications, process control, data acquisition, digital/analog circuit design and software development at all levels.

Blah, blah, blah... You got an idea? I'll make it for you superfast! No one does it like Dr. Craig!

Employment History

Montrose Makerspace

Montrose, CO, 2014

Materialize Your Ideas


Building a next-generation design/fabrication center in western Colorado


Brightleaf Power

Montrose, CO, 2010-2014

Placing Power in your Hands

System Architect

Design and implement co-generation CPV solar power plant equipment with remote management capabilities



Atlanta, GA, 2008-2010

When next day isn't good enough

System Architect

Develop realtime infrastructure supporting 2500 nationwide drivers, terminal operations and billing


Lasertech Productions

Hawthorn Woods, IL, 2005-2010

Ride the Slide! Special effects for your waterslide

Senior Engineer

Develop waterslide multimedia presentation control system


National Security Technologies (formerly Bechtel Nevada)

Los Alamos, New Mexico, 2002-present

A management company specializing in nuclear stockpile stewardship

Senior Engineer

Oversee development of high speed data acquisition equipment


Sandia National Laboratory

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2006

Securing a peaceful and free world through technology

Software Developer

Created a web interface to existing parallel computing simulation code base


Silverjack Design Group

Ouray, Colorado, 2001-2006

A design group specializing in online and onsite embedded Linux training, instruction and consulting


Maintainer of embedded Linux interfacing website


Addison/Wesley Publishing Co.

Boston, Massachusetts, 2001-2003

A publishing company specializing professional-level technical books and collegiate educational materials


Wrote Embedded Linux: Hardware, Software and Interfacing ISBN: 0672322269, and website


Clifton Weiss and Associates

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1997-2001

A company specializing in the planning, design and construction management of public and private telecommunications networks.

Senior Design Engineer

Participated as a design group member


Kiava Systems, Inc.

Westford, Massachusetts, 1999-2000

A company specializing creating and delivering advanced DSP software solutions for broadband communications


Acted as a board member and participated in all business discussions and activities including equity agreements.

Vice President Engineering

Investigated market opportunities for DSP based solutions applied to next-generation cellular phone base stations. Participated in contract negotiations and possible joint ventures.


Lanier Worldwide, Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia, 1996-1998

A $1 billion Harris division, market leader in digital dictation products for the healthcare industry.

Principle System Architect

Responsible for strategic planning and initial multi-product architecture for Lanier's $100M digital dictation product line re-engineering effort. This included insuring that product development followed current/future technological trends, adhered to technical/medical information standards and incorporated legacy products.


Wireless Scientific, Inc.

Amelia Island, Florida, 1995-1997

A start-up company specializing in design and manufacturing industrial spread spectrum telemetry equipment.


Located and secured venture capital funding, CEO, and marketing manager. Acted as a board member and participated in all business and joint venture discussions and activities.

Chief Engineer

Collected marketing recommendations and customer requirements. Designed, tested and certified (FCC, CSA, UL) all telemetry products. Developed manufacturing procedures and test fixtures. Trained and directed manufacturing staff. Worked with sales and marketing staff to correctly match products with customer requirements. Performed telephone and on-site customer support.


Titan Industries, Inc.

Spring, Texas, 1990-1995

A $10 million manufacturer of gasoline additive chemical injection equipment.

Senior Design Engineer

Collected marketing recommendations and customer requirements. Designed and tested hardware and software products. Developed manufacturing procedures and test fixtures. Supervised engineering staff.


Educational History

University of Texas

Aerospace, Austin, Texas, 1993-1995

The Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory specializes in the research of predictive simulation of flow processes, new methods and algorithms, supercomputer applications, parallel processing, and basic mechanics of flow phenomena.

Post Doctoral Lab Staff

Advisor: Dr. Graham Carey

Responsible for preconditioned conjugate gradient, PCG, package interface development.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Electrical Engineering, Atlanta, Georgia, 1988-1993

The Analog Design Group specializes in the design, modeling, simulation, and analysis of lower power CMOS circuits and fast GaAs circuits, mixed-mode simulation and behavioral modeling.

Doctoral Candidate - Research Assistant

Advisor: Dr. Phillip Allen GPA: 3.7

Investigated the simulation, modeling and performance issues for a virtual analog electronic laboratory workbench.


New Mexico State University

Electrical Engineering, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 1986-1988

The analog laboratory specializes in design, modeling, simulation and analysis of integrated circuits.

Masters Candidate - Teaching Assistant

Advisor: Raymond Black GPA: 4.0

Responsible for analog laboratory operation and instruction of junior and senior level transistor labs.


New Mexico State University

Electrical Engineering, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 1982-1986

Bachelors Candidate - Teaching Assistant

GPA: 3.8


Los Alamos High School

Los Alamos, New Mexico, 1981


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